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Supports in the League of Legends

Support champions in League of Legends are definitely not the role for the newcomers, but you cannot ignore this class. Every who played even a little in League or even Dota clearly understand that game cannot be won without supports. They are the only hope of the LoL. So every player must try how it is - to be a support.

Support is a babysitter of the Carry champion in the early stages of the game, so before you try the most major role in the Summoners Rift (Core role), you need to play as his main support. Start your way with the Braum, Sona or Soraka:

  • Braum is a defensive champion with the giant shield, that could efficiently defend his carry champion from all threats.
  • Sona and Soraka are great healers, but their CC abilities are extremely useful in gangs and killing attempts.

All these three champions are focusing on the defensive gameplay, from which you need to start your acquaintance with the game. The dead champion is the bad champion. Later, as you will feel your champion, you could start learning the aggressive game style (look at the games of guys from this website to understand what it is - aggressive playstyle), but for now you need to live as long as you can and do not feed enemies.

But you must evade Bard, Tahm Kench, and Blitzcrank with Thresh. Bard and Tahm Kench are defensive champions too, but if they are played wrong, they could bring a lot of harm to your ADC champion. While Blitzcrank and Thresh required a giant macro-skills. They are skill-based champions that need to be played in the right way, so save them until others stop calling you "Noob".

Play as support to learn how (and where!) to place wards, the right way of roaming and cautious strategy of the teamfights. You will have a wonderful opportunity to learn how to protect allies and control enemies. And no matter how many champions you kill or how many towers you broke: support is priceless in assisting to their team.